Lebanese Food Delivery in Brussels

Craving something a little different for dinner? Working late in the office, or have the family around for the evening? No time to visit a restaurant? Good, because you’re exactly what Deliveroo is here for! Don’t go hunting for luscious Lebanese cuisine when we can bring you a hot delivery of the freshest falafel and fattoush salads without you even having to step outside. No need to queue up for authentic Lebanese street foods when you can order a meal or two online.

Normal takeaway food might be good, but we make home delivery a whole lot better. If you are hankering for halloumi or delicious chicken wraps, check out our menu. You don’t have to be Lebanese to enjoy honest, filling, cuisine, you just have to know where to get it! Order through us and relax while you wait. Don’t fight the falafel crowd when you don’t have to.

Brussels: Living it up with Lebanese for lunch

Lebanon may be small, but the cuisine this country throws out into the world is mighty! Spreading across the globe, it is cooked beautifully is making a statement in Brussels and boy, doesn’t Deliveroo know it! There’s no shortage of flavour with dishes full of spices, garlic and fresh lemon that Lebanese cuisine proudly presents.

You can order takeaway with plain or spicy hot pitta breads paired with baba ghanoush and the tastiest hummus. Settle in for the night with shawarma radiating flavour and can be any meat you fancy from chicken to lamb to even buffalo meat should the mood take you. Enjoy the best kebabs that money can buy with Deliveroo on hand for the tastiest Lebanese cuisine in Brussels.

Don’t hang around if you have a craving for kibbeh, with fried cauliflower or Makdous – stuffed eggplant with nuts in olive oil. Pair it all with tahini and you have got a taste of Lebanon on your table. Set out the plates and enjoy a dish made with all the love of Lebanese food from chefs that remember Nan’s recipes from home. Why wait when you can get your delivery ordered right now?