Lebanese food delivery in Belgium

Sumptuous, flavourful and varied, Lebanese cuisine is hugely popular thanks to its lovely flavours and healthier twist. It has everything you’d expect from a Mediterranean cuisine, with an emphasis on fresh ingredients and skilful cooking techniques. Particularly lovely for a celebratory meal, Lebanese cooking is a delicate balance of flavours and is best enjoyed when cooked by a top chef.

Which is why, when it comes to takeaway, at Deliveroo we don’t believe you have to compromise on quality. We bring the joy of restaurant-quality Lebanese meals directly to you – taking all the work out of enjoying superior food. We work with Middle Eastern and Lebanese restaurants all across Belgium and have listed their menus for each town and city. When you’ve ordered online with us, you can sit back and relax, safe in the knowledge that we are speeding our way to you with your takeaway delivery.

Belgium: Lovely Lebanese restaurant food delivered to the comfort of your home

If you’re entertaining guests, then Lebanese cuisine is a brilliant choice. In a similar style to Spanish tapas and antipasti in Italy, you can start your meal with mezze. It’s a huge array of smaller dishes, including everything from pickled vegetables to warm flatbread, hummus, olives and much more in between, and is all about offering your guests different flavours, textures and aromas.

There are, of course, lots of main dishes to choose from as well. Lots of regional varieties of yakneh stew are very popular, with different flavourings from herbs and spices. Pita bread is served with pretty much every meal, and can be used to scoop up your sauce. Try mulukhiyah, a stew made with leaves from the nalta plant, along with chicken and beef. It’s garnished with raw onions that are soaked in vinegar and served with rice.

For dessert you can try baklavah, the classic filo pastry, nut and syrup treat, or kanafeh, a pastry pudding stuffed with sweet white cheesecake. With so much choice, Lebanese food is a fantastic cuisine to try today. Order your dinner with Deliveroo, and we’ll bring it from local restaurants directly to your door.