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Great Breakfast in Belgium, delivered fast to your door.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so make it the most delicious. A big breakfast can start your day off just right, and when you’re really going to town, there are so many options to choose from. Whether you want a full meal, or you’re happy with fruit and coffee, at Deliveroo we want to help you get the best food possible.

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Best-rated breakfast restaurants in Belgium

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 4.6 Excellent (50+)

If find it very useful when riders use geolocation and door bells make me jump His geolocation was not on. But the food was fantastic !!

Kopi Corner

 4.5 Excellent (50+)

The Cesar salad had too much sauce, otherwise it was great

Paul Place Stephanie

 4.7 Excellent (50+)

Montagnard sandwich was a very good discovery and will take it again for sure

Atelier Saint Gilles

 4.2 Very good (50+)

Crazy salty bacon and cheese on the eggs. Would be great to have a choice of coffee styles.

Ba.Ba Bagel Bakery Centre

 4.5 Excellent (50+)

No cutlery, best pastrami bagels in town

Ba.Ba Bagel Bakery

 4.6 Excellent (50+)

Perfect grilled chicken caramel & speculoos donuts fresh and exquisite caramel muffin


The eggs had way too much pepper in it, but otherwise all good.


Cinnamon roll fresh and French toast bagel so good !

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