At Otomat you’ll find heavenly pizzas, with inspiration from around the globe. Our pizza bases are crunchy and unique. And that is due to ... Duvel beer yeast, and also because our pizza dough gets three days to rest and rise!


  • Poulet Chasseurstar_filled

    Crazy about mushrooms, tender chicken, bacon, chili peppers, smoked ricotta, Mozzarella and fresh tarragon!

  • Margharitastar_filled

    The classic among the classics. A combination of three colors: Green, White and Red!

  • Bushwickstar_filled

    Our tribute to Roberta’s: mozzarella, oregano on a mouth-watering red pizza, topped with Ricotta di Bufala and salami with fennel

  • Boule en Boulettestar_filled

    The thrilling taste of delicious minced meat, seasoned with fennel seeds, garlic and basil. Mesclun on top!

  • Ritmo de la Nachostar_filled

    Mexican fury with black beans, jalapeño, nachos, red onion, cheddar and coriander. And with two surprises on top: sour cream and creamy guacamole!

  • House Burrata

    Originally and contemporarily seasoned. Tasteful balance between flaming red and soft creamy white. (‘Burrata’ mozzarella, pesto, tomato mix, red onion & pine nuts)