Fast casual spaghetti Made for Friends. 2nd best spaghetti after your (grand)mom’s. - Enjoying spaghetti with your friends without making stains on your shirt.


  • Bavet star_filled

    Horse: Our signature dish

  • Bavet Special star_filled

    Horse: Spicy version of bavet

  • The Holy Grail ⭐ Combostar_filled

    Dog: 'Bavet Special' combined with our 'Say Cheese' sauce, topped off with bacon - onion crush - parmesan. Monty Python likes to deliver it with strikes of sriracha

  • Bavetstar_filled

    Dog: Our signature dish

  • Bavet Specialstar_filled

    Dog: Spicy version of bavet

  • No Bavet BIB

    Do remind that we are not responsible for stains on your shirt.