Pizza Delivery in Antwerp

The most authentic pizzas may be sat in Italy, but the genuine pizza chefs are tossing up a lot of dough in Antwerp. There’s no need to go all the way to Italy, or even the takeaway on the corner, as with Deliveroo on your side, restaurant quality food will be winging its way to you in no time. There’s no limit to your order online, and Deliveroo’s variety of restaurants is so extensive, you’ll not know what to choose.

Whether you love a traditional cheesy pizza or love it loaded with slices of chorizo, nothing is off limits in Antwerp. Gourmet thin crust neapolitan pizza, or street style slabs of thick dough, Deliveroo has all types of exciting pizzas available from a wide range of pizza restaurants. All you have to do is sit back and relax, we’ll do all the rest. Antwerp has pizza on lock, as does Deliveroo.

Antwerp: Quality authentic pizza sliced and ready!

This port city is bursting at the seams with flavour and everyone knows authentic pizzas and sides light up a living room. Having friends over? Pizza feasts are the perfect carpet picnic food and nothing brings people together like pizza does. Antwerp is full of a culture of all ages and whether old or young, pizza is for all.

Never mind setting the table with knives and forks, all you need is napkins. Top your pizzas with whatever takes your fancy. If you’re a cheese fiend, load it up with mozzarella, cheddar and fiery Monterey Jack. Prefer munching down on meat? How about some authentic Italian sausage piled up with punchy pepperoni? Top it off with olives and you’ve got yourself a hearty meal. Stuff your crusts with cheese and a range of sauces and let Deliveroo bring them to you.

Whether you’re looking for a Chicago style pizza, deep dish and full of flavour or an artisan thin crust pizza topped with anchovies and sprays of fresh rocket and chilli oil, Deliveroo has pizza in abundance. Antwerp is not short of pizza, and nor should you be!