Sushi delivery in Belgium

In the 1980s it was the new thing and almost exclusively enjoyed by the wealthy and elite. Today, sushi is popular everywhere, and with pretty much everyone. A somewhat healthier cuisine, it has the benefit of being easy to share, a bit different from the norm, and easily accessible. And it’s no different in Belgium where you’ll find excellent sushi restaurants in every town and city across the country.

Going out for sushi can be lots of fun, of course. But it can also be a hectic experience and at Deliveroo we know that your favourite food is best enjoyed in your favourite place – your home! We work with sushi restaurants across Belgium to make this a reality. It’s our aim to make sure you can have restaurant quality food as your takeaway, and all you need to do is order online to receive your delivery from us.

Belgium: An ocean of fresh sushi awaits

Whether you’re a sushi novice or you adore the pure taste of sashimi, you can find something in our listings to suit you. Make sure you have your condiments lined up as well. The traditional accompaniments include wasabi paste, soy sauce and pickled ginger. The latter is traditionally used in Japan to cleanse the palate in between courses, but it also tastes great alongside the delicate fish and nasal wasabi.

Sushi specifically refers to the combination of fish and rice. Maki rolls are made using vinegared rice and a single ingredient inside, wrapped in seaweed. This can be anything from raw tuna to cucumber. But there’s other ways to enjoy sushi too: classic nigiri make for the perfect finger-food, showing off the flavours of their ample toppings.

California rolls are another favourite, and heavily influenced by American fusion cuisine. The mix of avocado, crab and mayo inside sushi rice and nori is delicious and accessible to everyone, including people who are new to sushi. Whether you want to order a light lunch for one, or a sushi dinner to feed a crowd, Deliveroo can help. Simply place your order, and wait for us to bring it directly to your door.