Pizza delivery in Belgium

Comforting, decadent and a real treat – just some of the reasons pizza is a hugely popular food. People all over the world indulge their pizza cravings, with a wealth of restaurants and pizzerias all over Belgium. Whether you have a favourite restaurant or not, you don’t always want to go out into the city when the urge for pizza strikes. And that’s where we come in!

Deliveroo work with loads of pizza restaurants across the country to offer you a wide choice of dishes. You just need to look at the listings under your town or city and order online through us. It’s as simple as that. Sit back and wait for us to come to your door with your delivery order, and very soon you’ll be tucking into your favourite pizza without having to leave the house. You just need to work out what you want to eat.

Belgium: Unearth a plethora of pizzas with Deliveroo

If you’re catering for a mixed group of vegetarians and meat eaters, it’s simple to find pizzas to suit. There are more types of pizza available to order than you might first think. If you want an authentic Italian flavour, you want to order a hand-stretched pizza base, with toppings like mozzarella, tomatoes and basil. The crispy, slightly charred thin base makes an Italian pizza different from American versions, and is a lighter way to enjoy the dish.

But if you’re in the mood for a meaty treat, you should go for a Chicago-style pizza pie. With a base so thick you generally have to eat it with a knife and fork, the Chicago pizza is known for its lavish toppings of mixed meat smothered in a rich tomato sauce. It’s filling and delicious, and restaurant-standard pizzas taste even better as takeaways at home.

There are almost endless varieties of toppings to enjoy once you’ve decided on your base. From goats cheese, asparagus and sun dried tomatoes to a simple pepperoni, the choices are endless. Order now with Deliveroo, and enjoy the best pizzas from local restaurants delivered directly to your door.