Mexican food delivery in Belgium

If you’re into your tequila, guacamole, and enchiladas, then you already know where your favourite Mexican restaurant is. With so many to choose from throughout Belgium, it’s not difficult to find authentic Mexican cuisine, as well as the more familiar Tex-Mex fusion food. But what if you want the expertly prepared Mexican food you know and love, but you don’t want to go out into the busy streets?

That’s when you order a takeaway, of course. And with Deliveroo, you don’t just get any old takeaway. You get restaurant-quality food, cooked expertly, and brought right to your door. All you need to do is look through our listings: we work lots of amazing Mexican partner restaurants around the country who you can order from. When you’ve decided what you want to eat, order food from local restaurants online and wait for us to bring you your takeaway delivery.

Delicious Mexican meals from the best restaurants in Belgium

There is so much more to authentic Mexican food than tacos and burritos, although these are incredibly delicious too. Sauces and dips are pretty much essential when it comes to Mexican cuisine, and range from the very rich mole to the sweeter pico de gallo. Try a peanut salsa with chicken and prawn, or a simpler tomato salsa if you prefer.

Away from the usual Tex-Mex staples, there are plenty of authentic stews to choose from. For example, you could try red chile and pork stew, known as carne adobada. It has a sweet and deep flavour with differing levels of chili, depending on regional varieties. Tacos de papa are a twist on the familiar taco, as they’re stuffed with potatoes covered in cumin and fried until they are very crunchy – a great veggie dish.

Another great choice for vegetarians is guiso de flor de Calabaza, which is a stew made with squash blossoms and served with warm tortillas. It’s something really exotic and different. For the carnivores around your table, try shredded beef with avocado and lime, stuffed into individual tortillas and sprinkled with cheese. Order all these dishes and more from Deliveroo, and wait for our delivery.