Indian food delivery in Belgium

Spicy, piquant, delicious. Three words that describe the delights of Indian cuisine, and go some way to explain its huge popularity. Sometimes, only a curry, rice and naan will do, particularly when you’re looking for a celebratory dinner. There are lots of Indian restaurants throughout Belgium, offering authentic and high quality food. Whether you already have a favourite Indian restaurant in your town or not, at Deliveroo we think that the best way to enjoy your favourite food is in the comfort of your own home.

This way you get the best of both worlds – restaurant quality food that you can enjoy as a takeaway, cooked by top chefs. You can rely on Deliveroo to drop your delivery off just as soon as we can. So, all you need to do is have a look at our extensive listings across towns and cities in Belgium and order online.

Belgium: Discover the vibrant tastes of Indian cuisine

There’s a wealth of different kind of Indian food on offer, from the spiciest sauces and creamy curries through to soft bread, crunchy appetisers and crispy poppadoms. With so many tastes and textures, it can be hard to know where to start. But if you’re feeding friends and family, then side orders are a must: pick up some deep-fried vegetable samosas, spiced bhajis or soft naan to eat alongside your main meals.

Meat-eaters and vegetarians alike can find plenty of food to enjoy in Indian cuisine. Chicken is a fairly staple ingredient, though lamb also makes repeat appearances. The best curries pack the flavour into the sauce, which complements the meat: rogan josh is a brilliantly red and aromatic, while butter chicken is gentle and accessible while kormas are creamy and thick. Saag paneer is a favourite veggie dish, based around silky spinach and paneer cheese. You could also enjoy some earthy lentil or chickpea-based stews for filling main courses.

No matter what kind of Indian food you want to eat, find the kind of dishes you want at Deliveroo’s local partner eateries. Order through our site, and we’ll bring your food from the restaurant’s kitchen directly to you.