Halal food delivery in Belgium

With a growing number of Halal restaurants across Europe, it’s no longer a tricky thing to find excellent quality cuisine across Belgium. Whether you’re looking to eat out at your favourite restaurant, or to discover new cuisines, there’s plenty of choice in most major towns and cities. Do you fancy Indian, Chinese, American or Lebanese? Never fear, you’re well catered for.

At Deliveroo, we think you should also be able to get restaurant quality Halal food in the comfort of your own home – without having to cook it yourself! That’s why we work with only the best quality restaurants across the country to bring you a huge swathe of choice. All you need to do is order online with us, and we’ll be at your door along with your takeaway delivery, just as soon as we can. It’s super simple and you could say it’s the best of both worlds!

Have a Halal feast throughout Belgium with loads of choices

Whether you’re feeding your friends, or want a lovely meal to end the week with your family, there are loads of cuisines on offer. We know there’s so much choice, in fact, that we can’t possibly list all of our favourites here. But we can point you in the direction of some lovely ideas. So, if you are ordering for a big group, you could consider Middle Eastern cuisine.

Lebanese food lends itself well to a dinner party, as you can start with Mezze. This is a catch all word for lots of different dishes, usually small to medium size. It can include everything from traditional home-made hummus, pita bread and olives, through to meatballs, fish dishes and lots of vegetables. Lemon juice and olive oil is a theme in Lebanese food, giving its signature aroma and flavour.

If you’re not looking for a banquet, but rather for something simple and easy to eat in front of the TV, then you could think about Italian. Choose an authentic hand-stretched dough base baked in a stone oven, with mozzarella, tomato and basil. Crispy, delicious and easy to eat, it’s a proper treat to enjoy at the end of a hard week.