Chinese food delivery in Belgium

One of the most popular takeaway cuisines is Chinese. There’s something about the flavour combinations, unique ingredients and wide variety of dishes on offer that makes it very popular with hungry diners. At Deliveroo, we believe in giving you the chance to eat restaurant-quality food at home, bringing together the best of both fine dining and takeaway services.

We work with top-quality Chinese restaurants across Belgium to ensure dishes are made with the freshest ingredients and cooked by expert chefs. Check out Deliveroo’s partner restaurants in your local area, order your favourite dishes from them, and then enjoy premium cuisine in the comfort of your own home. We work with Chinese restaurants across the country to offer you a huge variety of dishes in major towns and cities throughout Belgium. So if you want to enjoy delicious restaurant-quality food at home, Deliveroo are here to help you.

Belgium: Find delicious Chinese cuisine with Deliveroo

Chinese cuisine is incredibly diverse, with regional variations that go beyond the standard grasp of takeaway fare. There’s something to be said for starting off with plates of appetising nibbles, though: Chinese food has great small dishes which are ideal for sharing. There are delicious bite size morsels of all kinds, ranging from crispy won tons stuffed with prawn and veggies to chicken satay skewers dripping in peanut sauce.

One of the most iconic Chinese dishes is crispy aromatic duck and it’s ideal for family dinner or entertaining friends. Marinated in Chinese five spice and roasted, the duck is then shredded and wrapped in pancakes with a garnish of spring onion, cucumber and hoi sin sauce. But there’s plenty of other fantastic meal options too, from sweet and sour pork or lemon chicken through to spicy Szechuan beef, sticky fried rice or savoury chow mein.

No matter what kind of Chinese food you’re looking for, Deliveroo can help. Simply enter your location to find out about our partner restaurants in your local area, then place your order. We’ll bring your food directly from the restaurant kitchen to you, so you can eat quality Chinese food in style.