Breakfast food delivery in Antwerp

The beautiful Belgian port city of Antwerp, famous for diamonds, Flemish Renaissance architecture and a stunning old town square is also fast becoming notable for its fantastic breakfasts! Just take a look at the Deliveroo breakfast section for Antwerp and see what early morning delights are available for delivery to your door.

It doesn’t matter if you fancy sweet or savoury, fancy or simple, there are many ways to start the day the right way with a Deliveroo breakfast takeaway in Antwerp. Go continental with croissants and coffee for a lighter breakfast or load up on mouth-watering local cheese, meats and salads. The master patissieres of Antwerp spend many hours honing their éclairs and pastries so it would almost be rude not to sample one or two for breakfast. Alternatively, go healthy with a guilt free granola and orange juice breakfast.

Antwerp: Belgian breakfasts with style

What’s breakfast without eggs? Fans of a golden yolky breakfast won’t be disappointed in Antwerp with a choice of Florentine, Benedict, poached, fried, scrambled, omelette and more, eaten with muffins or toast or sourdough bread. Or forget eggs altogether and indulge in sweet pancakes and devilishly good waffles with chocolate, cream or fruit. Try some French toast and bacon, go simple with coffee and a croissant, or gobble up some baked mushrooms and herby bread.

Deliveroo will bring your perfect breakfast to your door: all you have to do is decide! Be it angelic granola and yogurt or something naughty like a doughnut, Deliveroo don’t judge. We just deliver restaurant-quality food that you can order from the comfort of your own living room. What could be better? Thanks to the variety of menus, you can please visitors, friends and family too and can avoid the washing up of cooking yourself.

Get browsing now and discover all the morning foodie delights that Antwerp has to offer, be it Belgian cuisine or world food. From American pancakes to Asian wraps, Antwerp has a rich breakfast bounty.