Thai Food Delivery in Antwerp

It’s one thing to enjoy delicious Thai food in an authentic restaurant, but there’s something special about it when you don’t have to spend hours on preparation. With Deliveroo, you can get this divine cuisine delivered to you at home and straight to your door. Antwerp is becoming the new Belgian hotspot for Thai food and enjoying restaurant quality fare at home is one step closer to heaven.

Sitting down to a table laden with Thai cuisine is a pleasure and a privilege when you get to sample dishes like khao tom - a rice soup - and kai phat khing - chicken stir fry with sliced ginger - right at your own dinner table. There’s no end to the list of flavours your taste buds can experience with Thai food for delivery in Antwerp! Transport yourself to Thailand without even leaving the house by ordering Thai takeaway through Deliveroo.

Antwerp: Keeping up with Thai trends

Restaurants in Antwerp are developing sizzling flavours from all around the world, but nothing beats the Thai experience. If you want to cater a dinner party for your friends or just fancy a night alone with a bowl of delicious pad Thai, we can bring the most aromatic Thai takeaway to you at home. With most places in Antwerp covered, you’re never short of options with Deliveroo.

Thai food caters for meat eaters and vegetarians alike, so no one is left out when it comes to tucking into traditional dishes. Egg omelettes, spicy sour salads and a variety of authentic curries can really spice up your evenings. Thailand loves its fruity dishes and it’s not unusual to have papaya slices and mango sorbet as part of your meal. Bringing a little sunshine into your meal with friends is the aim of our Thai section and the faster you order, the faster you eat!

There’s no need to even put your shoes on to schlep round Antwerp for the nicest Thai foods. Ordering through Deliveroo means you can put your feet up and wait for the food to come to you.