Sushi delivery in Brussels

Nobody can say no to a plate of fresh, delicate sushi. Deliveroo has listings for the best sushi restaurants in Brussels, serving up these delicious, bite sized creations straight to your home or workplace. Notoriously known as a grab and go option, sushi is a favourite for every meal, not just lunch. Simply place your order on Deliveroo and wait for your delicious delivery - fresh from the restaurant kitchen, and brought straight to your door.

Nutritious, healthy and light, sushi is a business meeting staple and perfect for a formal lunch or casual dinner. Whether you prefer the seafood variety or the broad vegetarian options, nigiri and norimaki have never looked so tasty. So whether you’re too busy to leave the house for dinner, or just want the fine dining experience at home, Deliveroo can help.

Brussels: Where nothing but the freshest sushi will do

Brussels is falling in love with proper Japanese sushi. A traditional dish that has been around for centuries, sushi nevertheless has ever-evolving, new flavours always appearing. If you’ve never tried it, don’t be put off by the raw fish element: it’s soft and tender, and allows the flavours of the fish to really linger. Ask any sushi convert, and they’ll sing its praises.

Vinegar-flavoured, cold rice balls are topped with any number of raw fish slices, vegetables and even chicken in classic nigiri pieces. Hand-rolled temaki cones are a change from tradition, so don’t be afraid to try something different. Teriyaki chicken, sweetened omelette and fried tofu make for an excellent change in filling if fish doesn’t take your fancy. Add a touch of soy sauce or wasabi, and you’re ready to go.

Whether you’re ordering in an office lunch, getting a health takeaway in the evening, or bringing in food to entertain friends, Deliveroo will bring you the best sushi in Brussels. Place your order online and we’ll bring you the fresh sushi as fast as we can. Why bother going out when eating in is this easy?