Lebanese delivery in Antwerp

Antwerp is very good at embracing flavours from around the world and with Lebanese cuisine becoming more popular as a delivery option, Deliveroo has jumped on board. Take a look at Deliveroo’s online menu listings to choose some of the most delicious cuisine. Maybe you’re trying something new? Deliveroo can sort you out with the crispiest falafel and fateh b’hummus from the finest restaurants.

Your craving may be for the simplest side dish of pitta bread and dips to sit down with in front of a good film, or you could be laying on a spread for your friends. Deliveroo can assist you with whatever your order happens to be. Restaurant-quality food without any of the hassle of getting dolled up and going out is so attractive and at Deliveroo we make it our mission to bring you the best so you don’t have to go out.

Antwerp: Never short of the tastes of Lebanon

Sometimes sitting down to a home-cooked meal is all you want to do to round off a busy week. The thing is, the idea of slaving in the kitchen to get the meal cooked means you also have to wash up and clear up afterwards. The opportunity to enjoy some Middle Eastern takeaway cuisine, cooked in a way that will conjure up images of family and comfort, is exactly what you need – with no messy clean-up! Antwerp is buzzing with culture and Lebanese cuisine is a small but strong part of it.

Try out the sheikh mahshi served with fragrant rice or a dish of djaj mechwi, which is grilled chicken served with peas. There’s no limit to the food you can sample with Lebanese cuisine and trying something new should be the top of your agenda. If you have a family to feed on a budget, order a fully cooked lamb leg online with Deliveroo and add all the best Middle Eastern trimmings to go with it. All the roast and none of the fuss!

The time of day doesn’t matter, Deliveroo has you covered for Lebanese cuisine, with none of the hassle. Browse online and order now.