Japanese Food Delivery in Brussels

If you’re looking for something different from the usual Chinese or pizza takeaway, consider going for Japanese. This delicious national cuisine has been growing in popularity in recent years, and getting that little taste of the East has never been simpler. If you’re looking for a tasty bowl of ramen and a plate of crispy tempura, order online with Deliveroo and we’ll bring it straight to you.

There’s no limit to the taste of Japan, and while you may be dipping a toe in the water with a new choice, you won’t regret it. Simply order online to get a delicious delivery, and and enjoy steamed rice and miso soup courtesy of some of the most authentic restaurants in Brussels. Best of all, you get to avoid the queues and cramped sushi bars, and instead enjoy restaurant-quality food as a takeaway at home.

Brussels: Let Japanese food expand your horizons

The Japanese have always placed a seasonal emphasis on their cuisine and their dishes change with the year. Sweet potato and burdock root mark autumn, while bamboo shoots taste of spring. Fish is also traditionally eaten by season, but you’ll be able to sink your teeth into some delicious skipjack tuna in Brussels no matter the time of year.

Each Japanese chef has their own way of bringing something different to Japanese dishes in Brussels and so it’s worth trying out a variety of dishes with Deliveroo. Stir fried itameono dishes accompanied by hot, steaming rice or pickled vegetables called tsukemono are great, lesser-known choices. Try something new and move away from the classic sushi and miso: proper Japanese food is here to stay.

Deliveroo is filled with fantastic Japanese restaurants and ordering online is easy. Don’t worry about fighting through the crowds to sit at your favourite Japanese restaurants when you could just ask us to bring you a delicious takeaway. Experience Japanese food in the comfort of your own home, whether you’re feeding friends or just fancy some great comfort food after work.