Japanese food delivery in Antwerp

With there being more to Japanese food than sushi, educating yourself on the best dishes from a part of Asia that takes cooking seriously is so important. Antwerp is an up and coming focal point for Japanese cuisine and with an impressive number of Japanese restaurants opening around Belgium’s second biggest city, you’re not without choice when it comes to ordering your dinner at home.

Thankfully there’s no need to go trawling through the city to find the best restaurants, as Deliveroo are on hand to bring you a feast of Japanese food at the touch of a button. Spicy seafood tempura, aromatic miso soup or yakitori could be winging its way to your front door. With the huge variety of takeaway dishes open to you, you’ll be spoilt for ideas on what to try. Let Deliveroo help with that!

Antwerp: The new hotspot for Japanese cuisine

Antwerp is steeped in a diverse history and with a diverse history comes the availability of a diverse number of cuisines. Restaurants that offer different foods from far and wide are dotted across the city and Japanese food, so rich in flavour and its own history, is part of that. Most people don’t want to spend time traipsing around looking for the best Japanese dining options, so why not choose to order online instead?

You may absolutely love meat or fish-based dishes and so sitting down to a meal of yakizakana (grilled fish) with mushrooms, leeks and yuzu would be your personal heaven. Vegetarians need not worry as even though strictly vegetarian cuisine is rare, an exception is natto, Japanese soybean-based vegetarian food, or shojin-ryori, which is vegetarian cooking developed by Buddhist monks.

Whether you fancy a bowl of steaming soba noodles, beefy udon noodles, or an accompaniment of wagashi, Japanese food can be an experience you won’t forget. With Deliveroo, you can hunt through all the best Japanese restaurants in Antwerp without even leaving the house. Add some sake to your order and you can have yourself a dinner party.