Japanese food delivery in Belgium

Whereas Japanese cuisine was once a niche interest, it’s now a popular choice for sit-down meals and quick sushi lunches. Japanese cuisine in Belgium has grown hugely over the last couple of decades, thanks to its complexity of flavours and emphasis on fresh and innovative ingredients.

And although it can be lovely to go out for a Japanese meal, at Deliveroo we know the best way to enjoy your sashimi and ramen is in the comfort of your own home. So we’ve teamed up with some the best Japanese restaurants across Belgium to bring you the best of both worlds. All you need to do is decide what you want to eat from local restaurants, and then order online. Deliveroo will bring you your takeaway restaurant meal as fast as possible, leaving you with more time to enjoy your food and savour the flavour.

Belgium: Experience the joy of authentic Japanese cuisine

Once you’ve chosen your food and we’ve received your order, we’ll work hard to bring your takeaway delivery to you as soon as we can. Japanese food is notoriously difficult to replicate at home, as it can require many obscure or specialist ingredients, as well as years of experience to accurately capture the delicate flavours. Ordering with Deliveroo ensures your dishes are prepared by professionals, who have the tools and skills to make your maki rolls just perfect.

The great thing about Japanese food is that there are plenty of choices for vegetarians in the cuisine. For something a bit different, try okonomiyaki - a pancake made of batter and cabbage and prepared with whatever fillings you want; its name literally means “cooked how you like it”. Another great dish is kitsune udon, where thick noodles in broth are topped with deep-fried sweetened tofu and named for the foxes who, according to legend, adore it.

Comforting sukiyaki hotpots, stir-fried yakisoba noodles or crispy tempura on rice: whatever kind of Japanese food you’re after, local restaurants are sure to have authentic dishes. Order from Deliveroo’s partner restaurants in your town, and we’ll bring your food to you as quickly as we can.