Italian Food Delivery in Antwerp

There is so much more to Italian food in Antwerp than pizza and discovering it all is part of the fun. Expand your horizons and go beyond a plate of spaghetti and meatballs to try other delicacies, including beef lasagne that will make you expire with delight. Of course, if authentic Italian pizzas are your favourite, go for it but trying new things is so much more fun.

When you are choosing a meal to order in, it’s rare that people think of Italian food. But until you have had a steaming dish of creamy carbonara delivered to your dining table accompanied by a hot, cheesy garlic bread, you haven’t experienced heaven. With Deliveroo, restaurant quality Italian food can be brought to your door and all you have to do is set out the salad.

Antwerp: Why go for good Italian food when you can have GREAT Italian food?

In a large port city such as Antwerp, you can expect a level of seafood and when it’s seafood that is drenched in Italian spices and cooked by a professional Italian chef, it’s to die for. Ordering Italian food for your delivery option may be a little different but as it is so readily available with most places in Antwerp covered, it’s becoming more and more popular.

We all have those nights where we come home from work and the idea of slaving in a hot kitchen is just the last thing you want to do. With the plethora of takeaway options available across Antwerp, why not order tasty Italian food for a change? Ordering online makes your hard day end in a much easier way. Choose a plate of filling gnocchi or some warming pine nut pesto pasta. Prefer something on the meat side? How about some grilled veal or some fresh lobster? Your choices are not limited with Italian food.

Deliveroo have gathered the best restaurants in your area and have listed their menus on the website so wherever your favourite dishes may lay, Deliveroo is here for you. Order online and settle in for an Italian experience like no other.