Italian food delivery in Belgium

Italian food can take your breath away. Rich flavours, fresh ingredients and plenty of choice makes it a hugely popular cuisine. Whether you like the simplicity and dependability of your favourite pizza and pasta, or you like to try different regional dishes, there’s something for everyone. Italian food is popular in Belgium, with many restaurants serving authentic dishes across the country.

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Belgium: Eat Italian delights from the comfort of your home

For a properly traditional Italian meal, you want to follow the structure of antipasto, primo (starter), secondo (main), contorto (side or vegetable) and dessert. It sounds like a lot of food, but it’s ideal after a busy day. There are also lots of regional variations on dishes, so make sure you try everything you can for the full Italian experience. Antipasto generally encompasses light bites and tiny starters to whet your appetite, and it’ll get you ready for the rest of the courses.

The primo course generally covers a pasta or soup dish. For a creamy and delicious treat, go for something like spaghetti carbonara made with authentic Italian cheese and cured meat. Veggie options include spaghetti alla Norma, which focuses on the strength of aubergines. But another alternative is risotto rice, cooked slowly with stock until thick and moreish. Secondo dishes are more typically fish or meat-based, but thin crust pizza can fill this role too.

Make sure to finish your meal with a proper dessert, like affogato or tiramisu. Order your Italian feast with Deliveroo, and we’ll deliver it as quickly as possible to your door. Now that’s a takeaway with style.