Greek food delivery in Belgium

What do you love about Greek food? Is it the fresh ingredients, delicious cooking style or the fact that every mouthful brings a little bit of the Mediterranean sunshine into your life? Whatever the reason, we can all agree that Greek cuisine makes for fantastic meals, and is particularly good when cooked by a top chef. Which means your favourite restaurant is undeniably a great place to enjoy your Greek feast.

But what about the times when you want the same top restaurant-quality Greek food but don’t want to leave home? At Deliveroo, we believe you shouldn’t have to compromise any quality, flavour or style if you want to enjoy food outside of restaurants. So, we work with the best Greek restaurants across Belgium. Simply enter your location to find restaurants near you, place your order through Deliveroo, and wait for us to bring you a fantastic takeaway.

Belgium: Gorgeous Greek dishes available across the country

When you’ve chosen your food and ordered online, we make sure delivery is quick so you can enjoy your food exactly as it’s intended to be eaten. There’s a wealth of variety on offer with Greek food, so it’s a good idea to start off simple. Order some delicious Greek dips and pita bread to whet your appetite: try hummus, taramasalata, tzatziki and melitzanosalata, and discover which delicious spread you love the most.

Other great sides and appetisers include classic marinated olives, and more mature dolmades. These vary by region in Greece, but they’re normally rice and filling wrapped inside a vine leaf. Try the veggie options, and experience the flavour combinations of dill, fennel, thyme and pine nuts. For the main course, let your taste buds run wild. Do you want a traditional moussaka with melting bechamel sauce, or maybe souvlaki for a more meaty dish?

No matter what kind of Greek food you’re looking for, there will be Greek restaurants which can provide you with your favourite dishes. Simply select what you want from local restaurants and place an order, and then sit back and relax. We’ll bring restaurant-quality Greek food straight from their kitchen to your door.