Dessert delivery in Belgium

Cake, pies, cheesecakes, biscuits, petit fours, ice cream… the choice of sweet treats is almost endless. While most people want a good dessert after a fancy meal, at Deliveroo we believe there is no situation in which a pudding is not most welcome! Whether you are catering for a large dinner party and need something special for the final course, or you want a cake to enjoy all by yourself, we can help.

We work with restaurants across Belgium, all of which offer desserts aplenty. We have lots of different cuisines on offer, with puddings made by top chefs and devised by patisserie experts. We’ve also listed their menus for each town and city we work in, so you have everything laid out in an easy-to-understand format. Simply decide what you want to eat, order online, and wait for us to bring your takeaway dessert delivery to you.

Belgium: Discover a treasure trove of sweet treats on offer with Deliveroo

You can, of course, order dessert from cuisines as varied as Japanese, Chinese and Italian, but there’s also a huge number of local desserts you could enjoy. Try mattentaarten for something a bit different. Individual small puff pastry cakes with a curd cheese (or mattenbrij) filling are a Flemish speciality and absolutely lovely. Similar but with a spicier flavour are the lierse vlaaike hail from Antwerp.

Alternatively, dig into a pile of classic Belgian waffles, which come in a huge variety. For example, the waffles from Liege are made with brioche dough, which gives a dense and chewy finish. The Brussels version is somewhat lighter and crispier. Whichever you choose, they’re equally lovely and come either served plain with just a dusting of icing sugar, or laden with different toppings. Or, for a dessert incorporating ice cream, try the classic la Dame Blanchen sundae.

Whether you want a classic regional dish or a more exotic sweet treat, Deliveroo can bring it directly to you. Creamy comfort food, sharp fruit or crumbly tart, we can ensure you get the dessert of your dreams. Order from our partner restaurants across the country, and then wait for our speedy delivery.