Thai Food Delivery in Ghent

The first thing you should know about Thai food in Ghent is that it doesn’t need a fanfare for people to know how great it is. Tasting is believing and the chefs in this city are all about tangy and spicy tastes. While the thrill of great outdoor eating is in the hunt, sometimes we don’t have the time to search for the most authentic Thai restaurants. So why not take advantage of Deliveroo and have Thai food delivered straight to your door.

From Ghent to Bangkok, the profusion of Asian flavours and fragrances make it the most desired of international foods. Whether you have a taste for Som Tum, a spicy green papaya salad with a bite that some can’t handle, or you want Tom Kha Kai which is chicken in a coconut soup, Deliveroo can hunt down the best Thai restaurants in Ghent.

Ghent: Making Thai food unforgettable

The second biggest city in Flanders, Ghent has a lot to offer, especially in terms of cuisine. With a wide and varied population, it's to be expected that there's a range of different choices when it comes to cuisine. Thai food is one of the most popular out there and tucking into a plate of Khao Pad is a treat.

If you haven’t had Thai food before, you’ll likely be curious about the best restaurants that serve it up and with Deliveroo, you can try these dishes without leaving the house. Ordering through us means you can get pad krapow moo saap, or fried basil and pork, served with fragrant rice delivered to you. Why go out into the city when you can have Thai food at home?

Deliveroo isn’t just your regular takeaway service. We deliver a grand variety of restaurant-quality meals, so you know you’re getting delicious Thai cuisine when you order through us. When you’ve sampled the taste of Thailand and the blend of spices you won’t want to try any other cuisine. Thai food has a reputation for being spicy but the whole concept is a balance of flavours, which is something you’ll discover with us!