Sushi Delivery in Ghent

There is something interesting about sushi. Every bite is a morsel of marvellous flavour, like a work of art but in sushi form. There are five different types of sushi and Ghent is exploding in flavour because of it. Nigiri is the most popular out there, which is a layer of fish on top of vinegared sushi rice and served bite sized.

The best thing about enjoying sushi? Not having to leave the house to get it. With a top service like Deliveroo, you can enjoy restaurant quality sushi from the comfort of your own home. We have sourced some of the best sushi restaurants and takeaways across Ghent to allow you to enjoy the dining out experience from your living room. Whether you prefer California rolls stuffed with fresh, light vegetables, or uramaki rolled in sesame seeds, Deliveroo makes ordering in easy.

Ghent: Delicious sushi at the touch of a button

In a city as large as Ghent, it is only right that multicultural food be on offer. Sushi may be a dish that you can grab and go but it’s a dish you should savour and taste properly. Taking the time to choose what you’d like to eat and then savouring every bite of your desired dish is the only right way to eat sushi.

Enjoy chirashi, which is fish or vegetables spread over sushi rice, or chow down on platters of oshi sushi, which is pressed sushi using a mould. Sticky sushi rice and raw fish slivers are pressed down to form a rectangular shape. This sushi is so symmetrical and pretty it looks almost too good to eat but don’t worry, you definitely will once you have tried the first bite.

With Deliveroo on your side, you can order takeaway and have sushi zoomed over to you so you can enjoy the best Ghent has to offer. Whatever you decide to go for, sushi provides tantalising flavours for every palate and never disappoints the senses. Mix and match your favourites and we will deliver them over whether you’re working or enjoying an evening with friends.