Pizza delivery in Ghent

The beautiful medieval city of Ghent with its Flemish and Belgian influences is a haven for pizza lovers looking for authentic Italian dining. Taking influences from all over Italy, you can enjoy flavours from Tuscany and Naples to Sicily and beyond, all without having to leave your front door. Take a look at the Deliveroo pizza section for Ghent, browse our extensive restaurant menus and have a mouth-watering taste of Italy delivered right to your door.

If you’re planning a quiet night in with the family, organising a film night with friends or just don’t have the desire to cook, get online and order that dreamy margherita with melting cheese or mouth-watering meat feast. Best of all, there will be no washing up! Tantalising tomatoes, rich spinach, loaded with chorizo or mushrooms - they’re all available for delivery with Deliveroo.

Ghent: Classic pizza abounds in the historic city

While food fads rarely last forever, the humble pizza has become a dinnertime staple around the world. Deep pan or thin crust, covered in tomato, cream or barbecue sauce: everyone has their perfect pizza preference. Now thanks to Deliveroo eating your favourite wood-fired pizza is easy, with orders delivered to your door any day or night of the week.

Ghent has an excellent choice of fine dining pizzerias to make you feel hungry, whether you favour the simple flavour of good old tomato and cheese or something more adventurous like Greek salad or spinach and gorgonzola. Go American-style with a deep-pan cheese stuffed crust and loaded with topping, or opt for a lighter Italian base which has more crisp and less chew.

Neapolitan and Sicilian pizza varieties add a touch of Italian class to any night in. You could even turn pizza on its head with a lassy Calzone, a delicious folded over pizza stuffed with delicious toppings. Dough doesn’t have to be dull either with Scandinavian sourdough, deep pan and stone-baked pizzas. Order one in, and have a classy takeaway brought to you by Deliveroo.