Pizza delivery in Brussels

Brussels is a culinary heaven and such a multicultural city that it really does bring world food to its locals. One of the planet’s favourite foods is pizza, and this is something Brussels can definitely provide. Take a look at the Deliveroo pizza section for Brussels and get ready to dive into a delightful choice of restaurant pizzas, all available for home delivery right to your door.

Having friends round for Friday night fun? Splash out and go with some unusual toppings like roasted squash, ricotta and artichoke or stick with more traditional and tasty mozzarella and freshly picked tomatoes. The beauty of pizza is the ever-changing and creative toppings meaning you’ll never get bored. And Deliveroo’s takeaway service means you can eat pizza from the best restaurants without even having to leave home.

Brussels: Find the perfect pizza in this international city

Deliveroo are on hand to bring you the very best in pizza paradise, whether you favour a traditional margherita or something a little more frivolous like fruits of the sea or fabulous funghi. Soft rounds of buffalo mozzarella on a crispy yet doughy wood-fired base make some of the tastiest restaurant food to be found. It’s all the better when you don’t have to leave the house to eat it!

Brussels has embraced pizza culture and added a touch of Belgian class to this classic takeaway food, making it perfect for a fancy dinner or just for a night in with friends and a film. For a taste of Italy and dinner filled with aromatic basil, mouth-watering parmesan cheese and luxurious jewel-like olives, nothing beats sitting down to eat a great pizza.

Round or oblong, Sicilian or Tuscan, and meaty or veggie, Brussels brings a little slice of Italy to its locals. Authentic Italian ingredients like parma ham and vibrant pesto ensure you’ll be eating the best pizza this side of the Alps. Order online, and let Deliveroo bring you the finest pizza in Brussels.