Japanese Food Delivery in Ghent

With a cuisine that offers such an abundance of gourmet grub in Ghent, Japanese food has a limitless variety of regional and seasonal dishes available. Whether you are looking to sample something new or settle in for the night with an old favourite like udon or soba noodles, Deliveroo has your back. You can enjoy platters of skewered chicken livers with aromatic soups and rice to complement it. With most Japanese restaurants in Ghent covered, we can help with those yakitori cravings!

Deliveroo offers the people of Ghent access to some of the finest Japanese cuisine available. Whether you are a fan of tempura or tonkatsu served with shredded cabbage and miso soup, you get a lot of choice with us. So, sit back, relax and order through us to enjoy some of the most delicious Japanese takeaway food at home.

Ghent: First class Japanese cuisine, every time

Most lovers of Japanese fare have already tried the more popular sushi, but if you want something truly authentic, you want to try the traditional katsu curries and okonomiyaki instead. Japanese food varies from season to season and the best chefs try to include seasonal ingredients in all of their dishes from vegetarian to meat filled. This way, you can guarantee the ultimate freshness in every bite.

Japanese food is up there with one of the healthiest around, so those wanting to enjoy amazing meals while sustaining a healthy lifestyle will be excited to order with Deliveroo. Japanese chefs use cooking techniques that require very little oil, resulting in fewer calories packed into the food. This way, flavours are maximised instead as it’s often the case that food is grilled or steamed. Delicious! Let your tongue wrap round the flavours of Japanese curries with an accompaniment of fukujinzuke or rakkyo for a truly authentic experience.

Feeling hungry? Don’t waste any time in ordering through us. There’s no need to go out after a long day as we will pick up your favourites and deliver them to you at home.