Italian food delivery in Ghent

With its natural and delicious ingredients, it’s no wonder Ghent locals love Italian food. There’s an incredible variety of restaurants to choose from. Go online and take a look at the Deliveroo Italian section for Ghent, and order a little slice of Italy for delivery directly to your sofa.

If you long for linguine, pine for pizza, rush home for ravioli or simply can’t cope without cannelloni at least one night of the week, fear not, for now you can order your Italian fix online anytime with Deliveroo. We’ve got fine Italian food covered, and can bring it straight to your door. Get an Italian food delivery that satisfies your cravings, and enjoy eating food from Ghent’s best Italian restaurants in the comfort of your own home. It’s takeaway, but not like you know it.

Ghent: Serving up authentic Italian food, from rustic fare to gourmet cuisine

Authentic Italian cuisine is easily found in Ghent, thanks to immigrants and enthusiastic locals. Gelato-style ice cream is made with milk from local creameries, pizza dough is made fresh every day, and core ingredients are of the highest quality. Italian food here uses hard cheeses, cured Italian meats, locally grown vegetables and fresh seafood, finished off with herbs that taste of the Italian countryside.

Doughy discs of melting and moreish pizza are a firm Friday night favourite, and proper Italian pizza is a step up from the usual greasy takeaway fare. With Deliveroo, you can have your order brought to your door any day or night of the week. It’s easier than cooking, and quicker than traipsing out to a restaurant yourself.

For something a little more luxurious, treat someone you love to a seafood linguine or silky, perfect rounds of luxurious ravioli. Don’t forget dessert, where creamy, coffee-flavoured tiramisu is a classic. Feast on the finest Italian food, from hearty meatballs to herby risotto, which is delivered straight to your door. Deliveroo brings restaurant food to you, so you can eat in style.