Italian food delivery in Brussels

In the mood for an Italian takeaway in Brussels? Maybe you’re looking for the perfect four-course meal for a dinner party, or simply a pizza to enjoy with your family. Either way, at Deliveroo, we offer a great range of Italian takeaways ready to deliver the finest pizza, pasta and seafood right to your door.

There’s nothing quite like enjoying a takeaway, and Italian is a great choice. With such a breadth of variety in Italian food available for delivery, a takeaway can be elevated from run of the mill to something special. It’s an indulgence that is enjoyed by everyone looking for an excuse to stay in and enjoy excellent food in their own home. Deliveroo can bring the finest Italian food to your door in a fast and easy delivery - all you need to do is order, and leave the rest of it to us.

Brussels: Find fabulous Italian food in the eclectic city

If you’ve got your heart set on a heart Italian takeaway, then Deliveroo’s listings can help you choose your favourite. After all, there’s nothing like a comforting bowl of pasta on a cold winter’s night, or a tasty salad made with fresh Mediterranean ingredients for a lighter bite. The great thing about Italian cuisine is the variety of fresh ingredients available, from seafood to steak, from calzone to lasagne, there’s something for everyone.

Some of the fabulous Italian dishes you could order include truffle-strewn fresh pasta, sublime fish dishes, and juicy steak. Vegetarian or gluten intolerant? Never fear – there are lots of vegetable based dishes that could hit the mark without compromising on flavour.

Of course, you might be more in the mood for a simple pasta dish, relying on perfect union of sweet tomatoes and soft buffalo mozzarella. Add a good Italian wine and you’re set for the perfect night in – with added Italian style. We cover most areas of Brussels, so let Deliveroo bring you an Italian feast from local restaurants.