Halal food delivery in Ghent

As expected, food in a cosmopolitan city Ghent is varied, eclectic and serves many different tastes and ethnic groups. Europe is a multicultural melting pot, and it’s full of halal food - both from traditional Middle Eastern cuisines, and increasingly from many other different restaurants. Ordering in sizzling lamb kofta and mezze platters isn’t out of the question with halal food and with Deliveroo, ordering in just got easier.

Food is a big part of community culture in Ghent and Deliveroo is right here to take care of dinner parties, family events or nights in with friends. Desperate for desserts or longing for halal Thai cuisine? Deliveroo has got you covered: simply order online and wait for your delivery. We bring it straight from the restaurant kitchen to your door, so it’s hot and fresh just for you.

Ghent: Taking halal cuisine to the next level

There used to be a time that halal food was hard to get hold of in Ghent but as time moves on, tastes do too! Ghent is a very accommodating city, and its many multicultural residents ensure that halal food is there to be enjoyed. From Italian pasta dishes to Indian curries and Thai soups, there’s a huge range of halal food on offer beyond just the obvious choices.

When the streets are full of tourists, you don’t have to fight the crowds to get a table at your favourite halal eateries. Jump online to Deliveroo and wait and you get hot, delicious halal food delivered to your door. All you have to do is set the table with your favourite salads and sauces and wait for us to bring your feast round. Kicking back and having someone else cook the food for you is great, and at Deliveroo we’re happy to indulge you.

Whatever takeaway you want, Deliveroo can bring it round. Your Chinese chow mein, Japanese tempura or Mexican tacos can all be delivered straight to your door, piping hot and ready to enjoy.