Dessert delivery in Ghent

Anyone with a penchant for sweet things will be happy living in Ghent. Famous for its waffles, naughty-but-nice desserts and confectionary made by master chocolatiers, Deliveroo makes it even easier to get that sugary fix. Take a look at the Deliveroo dessert section for Ghent, choose from a range of restaurant menus and order a sweet treat straight to your door.

Deliveroo will bring you the perfect way to round off a decadent dinner any day or night of the week. Choose an innocent sorbet, or something more sinful like gooey brownies. Chocolate mousses, fluffy pancakes, crumbly cupcakes, crisp tarts and piles of waffles are just a taster of desserts in Ghent. Whether you’ve had a hard day or you just want to bite of something sweet, Deliveroo can bring the restaurant-fresh goods - simply order online and wait for your delicious dessert delivery.

Ghent: Desserts beyond the obvious waffles and chocolates

Glorious Ghent knows how to get make anyone’s dessert dreams come true. There’s healthy choices, like frozen yoghurt and fresh fruit, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Those who want to go all out to impress or indulge can do so in style. Go for some classic waffles, eaten plain if you’re feeling traditional, or covered in toppings if you want to go all-out. From speculoos and whipped cream to chocolate and nuts, everything tastes great on a waffle.

Alternatively, there are desserts from all around the world on offer through Ghent’s pudding menus. Try a taste of Japan by ordering in anything made of matcha: flavoured with powdered green tea and red adzuki beans, it’s a classic taste combination from the Land of the Rising Sun. But you don’t need to limit yourself: Deliveroo can bring whatever sweet food you fancy, fresh from the restaurants in your local area.

Takeaway has never been tastier thanks to Ghent’s gorgeous desserts. A slice of chocolate cake from the comfort of your sofa is one of life’s little pleasures and it can be yours any time - no washing up required!