Dessert delivery in Brussels

The Belgians are famed for their sweet tooth, so of course Brussels shines when it comes to eating gorgeous, sumptuous desserts. And the best thing about desserts is that you can enjoy them at any time you please. We all know it’s meant to be at the end of a meal after the savoury food, but if you don’t tell anyone, we certainly won’t.

So if you are craving cakes, biscuits, tarts, ice cream or pie, Deliveroo is here to help you. Simply scroll through our extensive listings, with restaurant and takeaway recommendations from across the city, order your favourites and wait for the decadent delivery to arrive at your door. Whether you’re rounding out a dinner party in style, or just want to save yourself the hassle of baking and cleaning up, dessert takeaway can make your day.

Brussels: A city with plenty of sweet, sticky treats for dessert

Biscuits, pastries, cakes, cheesecakes - with so many desserts available in Brussels, it could be hard to decide what to eat. If you’ve got friends round, then getting in lots of desserts is sure to be popular. You’ll find all the usual sweet suspects on Deliveroo, along with regional and international variations of cakes and pastries.

Feel proud to be local by ordering ‘koffiekoeken’ – pastries filled with various silky delights like cream, chocolate or frangipane. Or perhaps get some masterful French pastries delivered, like mille-feuille or oozing eclairs. Maybe you’d prefer a creamy, delicious cheesecake flavoured with fruit or nuts. But there’s also options for entertaining: an entire chocolate fudge cake, or a nice mix of cupcakes are both surefire ways to please everyone!

Belgian waffles are world-renowned for their crispy texture. Eat them covered in sugar, cream, fruit or ice cream - the possibilities are almost limitless and you’ll find you won’t want to stop at just one. But then why should you? Whether you’re dying for something chocolate, something hot and comforting or something light and fruity, you’ll definitely find it in Deliveroo’s dessert section.