Chinese Food Delivery in Ghent

Ghent is a hotbed of culture and with China having as many as eight different types of cuisine, you’re spoilt for choice with Chinese food. Everyone knows the staple foods of Chinese cooking includes noodles, rice and vegetables, so settling in for the night with a hot bowl of stir fry or chow mein brought to you by Deliveroo can make your evening.

There is no better way to experience excellent this fine cuisine than from the comfort of your own home. Deliveroo is readily available whenever you get the urge for aromatic crispy duck or a snack of vegetable spring rolls. Order through us, then put your feet up and it won’t be long until you’re enjoying some of the most delicious, hot Chinese food in your living room. Don’t settle for takeaway quality – have restaurant-quality food delivered today.

Ghent: The newest place for the best Chinese cuisine

With the freshest ingredients used in traditional Chinese cuisine, you can find flavours from Cantonese to Sichuan options. These type of restaurants in Ghent are proud of the food they produce and there is so much choice available! From the fabulous dim sum to sides of crispy seaweed, you’re exposed to some fantastic flavours.

Vegetarians have a lot of choice with Deliveroo’s Chinese fare, with dried and pickled vegetables available alongside freshly cooked bok choy. There are plenty of options for meat substitutes with deep fried tofu often used instead of chicken or beef. And if you prefer something with meat, then stir fried egg noodles with shredded chicken and sweet and sour sauce is a hugely popular dish bursting with flavour.

We are always on hand when you want to curl up in front of a film and put going out to one side. After a long day at to work, or travelling around the city with friends, having to cook or wait for a table is so much effort! Ordering through Deliveroo lets you wait in comfort of your home while we do all the work.